Amazon announces improving Health Care Services

Amazon announces improving Health Care Services this year. Amazon has built a team within its Alexa voice assistant division called “health & wellness.”  It is being led by Rachel Jiang.


The main job of the team is to make Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant more useful in the health care field. It requires an effort of working through regulations and data privacy requirements lay out by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The group is selecting areas like diabetes management, care for mothers and infants and aging. Other key members include Missy Krasner, who joined Amazon last year after leading industry initiatives at Box and Google, and Larry Ockene, a 10-year veteran engineer at Amazon. Yvonne Chou, who has worked at Amazon for eight years across Prime, fashion and retail, is one of the three managers under Jiang.

However Amazon isn’t talking publicly about the health and wellness group, but there is clear indication that company is planning to bring Alexa voice technology to the rapidly growing field of digital health. Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing division, has a team committed to serving health and pharmaceutical companies.

The company worked with drugmaker Merck to offer a prize to developers, who build Alexa “skills.” It helps people with diabetes manage all aspects of their care. Amazon has been looking more closely at how to help new mothers, a group that already relies heavily on Amazon for diapers and other supplies.

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