Amazon, Facebook, Ford and Other Key Companies Gather for Summit on AI in White House

Amazon, Facebook, Ford and other key companies gather for summit on AI in White House. The plans to summon executives from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Intel and 34 other major U.S. companies as it solicits to pump up alignment of powerful robots algorithms and the wider field of Artificial Intelligence.

The Trump administration proposes to ask academics, government officials and AI developers about accommodating regulations to develop AI in common man centric areas like agriculture, health care and transportation, in obedience to a draft schedule of an event. They are all ready for debating US government’s power to collect innovative research into such technologies as machine learning.

For the White House, the provocation is to afflict a balance between the interests of computers that can detect disease and reality that jobs are in survival zone in the age of AI. Michael Kratsios, deputy chief technology officer at the White House, said that if you are a farmer in Iowa or an energy producer in Texas or a drug maker in Boston these techniques will come in handy as you think of progressing your business.

The private gathering will see persons such as representatives from tech giants like Microsoft, Nvidia and Oracle, as well as other businesses like Ford, Land O’Lakes, Mastercard, Pfizer and United Airlines. Facebook will be represented by Jerome Pesenti; Amazon looks forward to sending Rohit Prasad, the head scientist for its voice-assistant Alexa and Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich will also make his presence felt.

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