Golden State becomes smoggy State

Golden State becomes smoggy State, the California is named as golden state but due to pollution its name comes to change. According to the American Lung Association’s annual “State of the Air” report “eight of the USA’s 10 most polluted cities, in terms of ozone  pollution, are in California.”


According to the report about 133 million Americans live with unhealthful levels of air pollution, placing them at risk for premature death and other serious health effects such as lung cancer, asthma attacks, cardiovascular damage.

“We still have a lot to do in this country to clean up air pollution,” said Lyndsay Moseley Alexander, the director of the Association’s Healthy Air Campaign.

Bakersfield, Calif., was in second place for ozone pollution. Other California cities on the list include Fresno, Sacramento and San Diego.

“As the dangerous levels of ozone, making ozone an urgent health threat for millions of Americans,” Lung Association president and CEO Harold P. Wimmer said.

Smog is made from the chemicals that come out of vehicle tailpipes and from power plant and industrial smokestacks. Warmer temperature is responsible for the ozone to form.

Bakersfield at the top in a list of cities with another variety of air pollution and that is small particulate matter, aka soot. Increased heat, changes in climate patterns, drought and wildfires contributed to the high number of days with unhealthy particulate matter.

The Lung Association also calls out Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency for ongoing threats to the nation’s air quality, and asks enforcement of the Clean Air Act.

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