Chinese Tech Company is obstructed from purchasing American parts

Chinese Tech Company is obstructed from purchasing American parts succeeding the commerce department that said it was deficient to penalize employees who breached American sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

The prohibition declared which consummately clasps the company ZTE Corporation excluding American technology for seven years, is a setback to one of China’s few candidly international technology suppliers. ZTE’s commodities for the infrastructure of telecommunications networks and its smartphones utilizes an assemblage of American parts, like microprocessors from the chip maker Qualcomm, glass made by Corning and sound technology from San Francisco-based Dolby.

A senior Commerce Department official said that the activity was not linked to an extensive intellectual property enquiry into China. However, the rigid constraints on ZTE may be discerned as a contemporary testimonial in the intensifying economic dispute between the United States and China as the Trump administration and the Chinese government trade warnings of growing tariffs on everything from washing machines to soybeans.

The Trump administration’s step to oppose the inequitable trade practices by China has engendered threats of hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs on commodities that journey between the two countries. That trade confrontation now pivots deliberately on cutting-edge technology. The Trump administration blames China for utilizing constraint and illegitimate mode to acquire American technology.

Specifically, it has denounced the industrial plan known as Made in China 2025 that impedes to construct China a world pioneer in industries like robotics, electric cars and medical devices.


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