China Late in Cutting Smog as Health Damage Already Done

China late in cutting smog as health damage already done, especially due to the rising air pollution according to the head of a U.S.-based research agency. China makes the progression to cut smog but the damage to the health of millions of people may already have been done.



A report published on Tuesday by the US-based Health Effects Institute (HEI) shows that each year the country faces about 1.6 million premature deaths due to the air pollution. The report is based on data going back to 1990.

In 2017, China successfully reduced concentrations of PM2.5, hazardous particles by 6.5 percent in 338 cities.

Smog-susceptible northern regions also reached 2013-2017 air quality targets to cut industrial output, coal consumption, and traffic after a winter campaign.

However, China late in cutting smog and deaths due to air pollution could still continue to rise and another side, overall air quality remains below the country’s own standards.

“People are living longer and older people are more susceptible to the diseases most closely linked to air pollution – the major causes of death in China like stroke, heart attack, and lung cancer,” said HEI president Dan Greenbaum.

He also added that the HEI have done some estimates in China up to 2030 as well as some improvements in air quality.

It could be difficult to implement future stage of measures as the government prepares a new smog action plan for 2018-2020 according to Greenbaum. Concentrations of ground-level ozone, lung-damaging, caused in part by urban traffic congestion, are continued to rise.



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