Soda Levy Led Sugary Drinkers Reduced By 40 Percent in Philadelphia

Soda levy led sugary drinkers reduced immediately in Philadelphia by 40 per cent, according to the findings obtained in the recent study conducted by the Drexel University.


Though, the execution of the food marking rectification led by the Ministry of Health is postponed to the year 2020, the supporters of the same are now struggling for battling against obesity by using a way of levying on the soft, sugar sweetened drinks.

“It is known that your professional opinion is that there is a need to change the nutrition of people in the country and reduce the excessive consumption of sugar for the purpose of reducing morbidity and improving health indices,” Prof. Itamar Raz wrote in a recently sent letter to the Tax Authority. Raz is the chairperson fort the Israel National Council on Diabetes.

Proponents of the new regulations are hoping to include Eran Yaakov in their actions, who is the head of Israel Tax Authority, with intent to establish such kind of taxation that has been made restricted in number of countries across the world. Eran Yaakov has also been a part of the healthy nutrition committee, which first begun the food marking reform.

Letter reads that, “Putting a sugar tax on today’s economic agenda will be a substantial and important step in the struggle for health, especially in view of the global experience concerning the effect of such taxation on the volume of sugar-rich food and beverages.”

However, in the published survey by the Knesset Research and Information Center, it is concluded that, “Although taxation of harmful food is likely to effective in reducing its consumption, other means recommended by the committee should be employed first.”


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