Know Egg house story associates New York

Know Egg house story associates New York City. There’s no need to follow signs or check Google Maps to find the Egg House in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Instead, follow the people dressed in sunny yellow, who are wearing egg-emblazoned shirts and egg earrings.

Know-Egg house-story-associates-New-York

The eggy attire is intended for a new, egg-themed pop-up. It is open until the end of June. For those not versed in Instagram, pop-ups tend to be brightly-lit and lavishly decorated spaces that lend themselves to photography.

Popular pop-ups include the Museum of Ice Cream, which previously popped into New York and dominates social media wherever it goes.

New York City is the Egg House’s first stop. Occupying a 3,300 square-foot, two-story space, the installation is all about eggs. Fluffy clouds attached to the walls evoke whipped egg whites.

Visitors receive glasses of eggnog. Selfie-seeking guests can crawl among the giant eggs in a massive carton, or lounge in a yellow-and-white ball pit.

“Eggs can be cute, but also sexy,” a member of the publicity team explains. “Maybe we’ll do fruit next.” Away from the chatter and music and giant egg bench, the quietest space is the garden in the basement, with its alien green-growing eggs.

Lu says that the effect was created by inflating exercise balls to different sizes. In the middle of the display is a swing shaped like half a cracked egg.

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