Cancer Experts Declare Coffee as Safe

Cancer experts declare coffee as safe which is good news for coffee companies. Since the California judge announced a ruling where it instructed coffee companies to carry a cancer warning label with their products, the world is in a loss.


But now, cancer experts have followed the case and put coffee into cancer safety zone. The Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle’ judgment is said to be formed on various examinations linking a chemical named acrylamide – produced when coffee beans are roasted, to cancer.

“The substance is present in many of our foods, not just coffee. There was a minor scare about it being in French fries, and foods that are cooked at higher temperatures. Demonstrating a direct cause to cancer is very difficult. You always have to put a suspected risk into perspective”, said J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, the vice president medicinal officer for the American Cancer Society.

Ben Gaul, a coffee epicurean in the Rhode Island said that the chemical can be found in many other food products including French fries, flame broiled steak, and cooked vegetables. Gaul said, “We have a long history of cooking our foods, our bodies are used to consuming these and metabolizing these”. Gaul said that it is not possible to drink enough coffee to have any negative effects.

Gaul also talked about the decision to add the warning labels and he clarified the request as saying that the law, Proposition 65, needs cautioning names for hundreds of compounds which can lead to cause cancer.


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