Meet Toyota’s latest invention RAV4

Meet Toyota’s latest invention RAV4, as it unveiled Wednesday at the New York Show gets a little wider and a tad shorter. It will have more efficient engine and sharpened looks.


However with so much support, the compact crossover has become Toyota’s bestselling vehicle in the United States. The automaker was careful not to change too much, as knowing that the RAV4 has a legion of devotees.

After all, it faces a competition from just about every automaker from the Ford Escape to its archrival, the Honda CR-V. Toyota’s edge has been its heritage and reputation as having vehicles that don’t break down.

The most notable change will be its look from the front end. It will be sharper, more angular with will ditch some of the comparisons to looking like a Star Wars stormtrooper. The new RAV4 is 0.2 inches short in comparison to the outgoing version. However the wheels are set 1.2 inches far apart.

The new RAV4 is 0.4 inches wider and 0.2 inches shorter. All of those give it a more planted and sophisticated look. RAV4 will have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

The gas version will come with an eight-speed transmission while the hybrid will have a continuously variable transmission. The hybrid will easy to tell apart: It will come in the XSE grade with a two-tone paint job, including a black roof.

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