Bose is Developing Augmented Reality Sunglasses

Bose is developing augmented reality sunglasses, the company made a surprise announcement late last week. The speaker and headphone company unveiled the world’s first audio augmented reality platform and glasses. With this audio AR technology, Bose is providing new layers of information and experiences.


Announced at SXSW, the Bose AR sunglasses will be available to manufacturers, research institution, developers and the company partnering with ASICS Studio, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Strava, and TuneIn among others.

The 3D-printed prototypes look like any ordinary pair of sunglasses. They are lightweight and don’t weigh your face down. It stores all of the electronics, including the battery inside of the stems.

The AR glasses have Bluetooth compatibility with microphones that allows calls or activation of Siri or Google Assistant. It includes motion sensors and for tracking the wearer’s location, it lets use GPS from an iOS or Android device.

Bose said we can use these glasses when travelling and visiting a historical landmark as they can simulate historic events at landmarks as well as play speeches of a historical figure that you may be visiting.

In addition, the Bose AR glasses also have the ability to recognize head-based gestures so you can accept an incoming call by just nodding your head or decline by shaking your head.

vice president of the Consumer Electronics Division at Bose, John Gordon said, “Bose AR represents a new kind of augmented reality one that’s made for anyone and every day,” “It places audio in your surroundings, not digital images, so you can focus on the amazing world around you rather than a tiny display.”

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