DASH Diet Helps Boost Mental Health Along With Reducing Risk of Depression

DASH diet helps boost mental health, as the new research disclosed in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry adds more of its benefits to the earlier findings saying that the diet is obliging for weigh loss as well as lower blood pressure.

Researchers from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago have recently observed that the people following ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’ – DASH diet suffer through a lower risk to develop depression condition.

DASH diet accentuates eating meals that should contain more vegetables and fruits accompanied with nonfat or low fat dairy products, lean meats alongside avoiding foods with high salt and sugar. Initially, the DASH diet plan was dedicated to help people having high blood pressure.


In addition, another recent research has discovered that the DASH diet helps boost mental health, except fighting against risk of depression. The research has been set to be disclosed at the 70th Annual Meeting scheduled in Los Angeles by the American Academy of Neurology.

Clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Sherry Pagoto said in a statement that, “When people are feeling better by dieting and losing weight or resolving symptoms that they’re having, that could have an impact on mood. When people do engage in healthy lifestyle changes, we do see improvements in depression.”

According to the researchers from the Harvard Medical School, the diet containing margarine, white bread, fried foods, processed meat or red meat should be preferably avoided or consumed minimally, as it can trigger inflammation in the body.  While, foods such as salmon and sardines fish, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries olive oil, nuts and oranges can fight inflammation.




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