Autonomous Cars will be Tested in California Without Backup Drivers

Autonomous cars will be tested in California without backup drivers for the first time under the new rules. On Monday the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles received new rules to allow car manufacturers and tech companies to test autonomous cars on California city streets without a driver for the fast-developing technology.


There are companies such as Tesla and Waymo have already been testing the technology in other states including Arizona. Some safety campaigners arguing this technology could turn California’s streets into a potentially lethal “video game.”

50 companies including Uber, GM, Toyota, Alphabet, Apple, and Ford are testing self-driving cars in California. State officials say California represents a huge and prime national market for companies eagerly waiting to bring the technology to the next level.

If manufacturers show the DMV that their technology is safe to cyber-attacks, then local residents could take rides in autonomous cars within a few months. For the first time in Silicon Valley, car manufacturers will be able to develop vehicles without a steering wheel or brake.

An Uber spokesperson, Sarah Abboud  said, “This is a significant step towards an autonomous future in the state, and signals that California is interested in leading by example in the deployment of autonomous vehicles,” “With this effort complete, we look forward to working with California as it develops regulations applicable to autonomous trucks. ”

Under the regulations, autonomous cars will be tested in California and each cars must have a remote operator monitoring at all times that will record information about its sensors and systems and communicate with police as well as any passengers in the event of an accident.





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