Ink can change 3D printed accessories color

Ink can change 3D printed accessories color  on the fly with help of ultraviolet light possibly from a cellphone or other handheld device.


“We wanted to know, how can we update the color of an object at any time?” said study co-author Dr. Stephanie Mueller, an assistant professor at the school’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Researchers at MIT are one step closer to being able to pull off these seamless wardrobe changes, created simple objects for their research. They used a chunky ring that starts out transparent but can be made to appear in different color.

They say the same ColorMod technology eventually could be used to create clothing with similar color changing properties.

This new technology used special photochromic ink which changes the color when exposed to ultraviolet light. It takes 25 minutes to change.

The color will fade over the course of 16 to 20 hours. Scientists are working to make these colors last longer and vibrant.

“Resolutions can be getting better and better every year with the help of 3D printers,” she said. ColorMod was being developed with an eye toward sustainability, Mueller said.

“The system we worked on for this particular project is just doing the color change” Mueller said. They are trying to change the shape and try to add more functional aspects.

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