Diet Including Certain Protein Prevents Breast Cancer

Diet including certain protein prevents breast cancer, says a recent multi-center research disclosed in medical journal Nature.

Among the most deadly types of cancer, breast cancer is one that kills many people, not those who just diagnosed with a primary tumor, but those in whom cancer gets spread to their other parts of the body. This happens the way that the cancer cells leave the first most tumors and hit bloodstream settling and developing in other surrounding organs.


If cancer metastasizes in such a way, the chances of the person’s survival go extremely lower as compared to the people don’t having metastasis. The study has been performed on mice diagnosed with a severe breast cancer.

A team of researchers from the Cancer Research UK institute of Cambridge University, United Kingdom, discovered that if L-asparaginase supplied in to mice’s body and preventing the asparagine in their consumed food, significantly lowered spreading of the breast cancer cells.

Diet full of asparagine involves whey, poultry, seafood, dairy, beef, asparagus, fish, eggs, legumes, seeds, potatoes, nuts, whole grains and soy. Fruits and vegetables majorly contain lower amount of asparagine.

Leading author of the study, Professor Greg Hannon said in a statement that, “Our work has pinpointed one of the key mechanisms that promotes the ability of breast cancer cells to spread. When the availability of asparagine was reduced, we saw little impact on the primary tumor in the breast, but tumor cells had reduced capacity for metastases in other parts of the body.”

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