Electrical Pulse Helps Memory Boosting and Improves Learning Skills

Electrical pulse helps memory boosting and also enhances learning skills with the help of brain stimulation method, according to recent studies.

Certain portion of the brain is potentially able to improve the memory functioning, if electrical stimulation is applied, say recently published two researches. The studies indicate that there would be potentially implantable neural stimulation technique in near future that could help boost memory of the person.

The research is further exploring the methods of brain stimulation to let it underway everything such as depression treatment and playing games. A few of the studies uses non-invasive method for brain stimulation known as Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). It is the method in which electrical activity is induced in certain portion of the brain.


One of these recent two researches led by Mayo Clinic researchers has explored 22 matters directed for reading word list and electrical simulation targeted on one of the four brain areas. However, another research performed at the University of Pennsylvania studied the electrical stimulation targeted in the similar area of brain.

A leading author of the study, Michael Kahana, professor from the University of Pennsylvania said in a statement that, “By developing patient-specific, personalized, machine-learning models we could program our stimulator to deliver pulses only when memory was predicted to fail, giving this technology the best chance of restoring memory function.”

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