People finder websites misuses your information

People finder websites misuses your information. You may have run across various such websites which see your information.


If you don’t want that anybody get information regarding you or you don’t want your information publicly available, you can try to delete yourself by using one of the online reputation services, like DeleteMe.

The companies like Spokeo, White Pages and BeenVerified offer detailed background reports on individuals. It includes contact information, address, properties owned or leased, court and criminal records, liens, judgments and more.

To access the database you have to pay a fee. The fee depends on how much information you want. Law enforcement, private investigators and journalists regularly utilize these services.

“People-search sites have some of the most sensitive and revealing information,” Gennie Gebhart, a consumer privacy, surveillance, and security issues expert with the Electronic Frontier Foundation said.

DeleteMe, which starts at $129 for a year’s subscription, and its competitor Reputation Defender also provide consumers free tools to do the erasing themselves.

Unfortunately, this is not a onetime scrub and done; scraping is ongoing and forever. This is why you need an ongoing subscription or must stay vigilant yourself.

DeleteMe’s co-founder and CEO Rob Shavell says, it cannot remove all your data permanently. But, he said, “by removing our profiles from data brokers we make it significantly harder for others to find public records.”


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