American Food Wasters Mostly Include Healthy Eaters, a Surprising Fact

American food wasters mostly include healthy eaters, as the latest review has disclosed a shocking association between food waste and choice of diet. Though, the healthy eating people are proud of themselves, they are the bigger contributors in wasting food than the people who are not so health conscious.

According to the recent study issued in journal PLOS ONE on Wednesday, nearly 4.2 trillion gallon water and 30 million acres of the Earth are dissipated every year for growing the foods, which remain uneaten.


A study’s author, Meredith Niles from University of Vermont and team of researchers from the University of New Hampshire and Department of Agriculture, said in a statement that, “Our data suggest that the average person in the United States wastes about a pound of food per day. Higher quality diets actually result in higher amounts of food waste, and that largely has to do with the fact that those diets have more fruits and vegetables in them.”

It is reported that, the consumers in the United States have wasted as more as 150,000 tons of sustenance each day between the years 20017 and 2014. This counts about a pound of food by a person being wasted, which corresponds to nearly 30 per cent of the normally consumed calories on daily basis by every person in America.

Zach Conrad from the Agriculture Department, who is the leading author of the study says, “What we’re reporting is about 25 percent of the food that’s available for consumption gets wasted.”

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