Morning Breakfast Maintains Type 2 Diabetes Patients’ BMI

Morning breakfast maintains type 2 diabetes patients’ BMI, the recent study says the night owl people who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes and use to have their breakfast late after the morning, can have increased body mass indices.


According to the researchers, the condition Type 2 diabetes produces insulin in the patient’s body, while their cells do not utilize all the insulin, which results in spikes in blood sugar levels. Experts suggest that such patients must take additional care of not only their dietary plan, but also the timings of all the meals being consumed in a day, because both of these have a crucial influence on the blood sugar levels.

In new study recently published in the journal of Diabetic Medicine, the researchers have explained that the people suffering from Type II diabetes and eating late breakfasts are linked to extremely increased Body Mass Indices (BMI).

The researchers noted in the published study that, “The weight and BMI of each participant. Sleep duration and quality were also taken into account. Self-reported average sleep duration was 5.5 hours/night. On average, participants consumed 1,103kcal/day.”

Study has been conducted by analyzing nearly non-shift workers suffering from Types 2 diabetes who are residing in Thailand. The participated people were asked about their preferences for morning and evening schedule.

“The average BMI among all participants was 28.4 kg/m2 — considered overweight,” report further describes. “Of the participants, 97 had evening preference and 113 had morning preference. People with morning preference had earlier meal timing, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and the last meal.”

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