President Trump called border situation “crisis”

President Trump called border situation “crisis”, hence he signed an agreement Wednesday to deploy the National Guard along our southern border with Mexico. He said the Homeland Security secretary would work with him to train and direct the troops’ mission.


“The security of the United States is endangered by the illegal activity on the southern border,” Trump said. Our border with Mexico is safer than it has been in years. Deploying the National Guard there will be costly and unnecessary.  Sadly, its deployment reflects a political environment.

Trump has been describing our southern border as under barrier from the threat of undocumented immigrants. Illegal entries at our southern border are actually at the lowest level since 1971. Caravans forced trump to order the guard be sent to the border. As if the caravan members were planning to sneak into the country.

Trump is again trying to rally his base by playing to fears about illegal immigration. The calling up of the Guard could be seen as a way to distract attention from the fact that, despite Republicans controlling Congress, the president has still not fulfilled his promise of building a wall on the border.

Thursday as Trump announced the caravan had broken up. His solution to this non-existent crisis on the border is as cynical as it is wasteful. Immigration policy should be driven by data and solid goals, not politics and raging emotion

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