Pasta Diet Boosts Weight Loss, Found New Study

Pasta diet boosts weight loss by actually shedding people’s some pounds, according to the recent study conducted by the researchers from the St. Michael’s Hospital.

Eating pasta can help people lose more weight, which is the food item that people enjoy steering Italian staple along with the fright of absorbing lots of carbs. After examining the results of different thirty analyses on the people eating pasta in their lower glycemic index diet, the researchers from the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada came to know that pasta helps not only in restricting weight gain, but also in losing as teeny bit as a pound in 12 weeks.


New findings of the research have been disclosed in the BMJ Journal, showing that the pasta diet can really help cut some pounds of weight. clinician scientist at the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Modification Centre and leading author of the study, Dr John Sievenpiper said in a statement that, “So contrary to concerns, perhaps pasta can be part of a healthy diet such as a low GI diet.”

spokesperson for British Dietetic Association and qualified dietitian, Nichola Ludlam-Raine stated that, “Carbohydrates actually provide only four calories per gram, which is the same as protein and is under half of what fat provides (nine calories per gram). The reason why carbohydrates have a bad rep is that we tend to eat too much of them and then smother them in fat and sugar, i.e. extra calories. For example big bowls of cheesy pasta and sugary cereal. So it isn’t carbohydrates per se that cause weight gain, it’s the portion size in which we eat them and what we add to them that counts.”

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