Labor mistreats grimy fortune of Saipan work visa program

Labor mistreats grimy fortune of Saipan work visa program as a thrust to safeguard and develop a visa program distinctive to the Northern Mariana Islands is striking after current instance of labor abuse and visa fraud conveying an immense blow to the US commonwealth’s providence which depends highly on foreign workers.

The visa classification known as CW-1 permits employers to solicit sanction to lease foreign workers and is directed to diminish a labor shortage among the Pacific islands’ populace of approximately 52,000. The program was instigated a decade ago and has guided nurses, teachers, hotel maids, bakers and more.

However, a contemporary series of visa slurs in the Northern Mariana Islands has flung a shadow over attempts to reinforce the program due to sunset next year. Just this month labor officials attained a $14 million arrangement with Chinese companies for utilizing a visa abdication loophole in arranging the illegal acquiring of workers. And a local businessman and two associates were pronounced guilty in federal court for their role in a program to deceive foreigners by guaranteeing them U.S. jobs and green cards in exchange for cash.

Bruce Mailman, an attorney at Mailman & Kara in Saipan who has worked with companies employing workers on the CW-1 visa said that observed from the distance of Washington, D.C., it doesn’t need to be sustained. It is falling short of an appropriate monitoring of abuse and is a vital program for this place.

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