Even One High-Fat Meal can open Door for Heart Disease

Even one high-fat meal can open door for heart disease, according to a new study. Scientists have reported that just one fat-rich meal including high-fat milkshake and calorie content similar to some restaurant food can immediately convert healthy red blood cells into small, spiky cells in our body. Spiky cells cause damage to our blood vessels and increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Even-one-high-fat meal-open-door-for-heart-disease

Dr. Ryan A. Harris, clinical exercise and vascular physiologist at MCG’s Georgia Prevention Institute and study co-author conducted a study to have a particular look at the red blood cells which are the most abundant cell in our body. 10 young men were involved in the study.

Red cells carry oxygen and their high flexibility provides them the capacity to flow via blood vessels but just one high-fat meal can cause them to grow spikes and spew poison

Red cells are best known for carrying oxygen and are incredibly flexible so they flow through blood vessels essentially unnoticed. But with a single high-fat meal, they essentially grow spikes and spew poison, according to a vascular biologist at the MCG Vascular Biology Center and a corresponding author of the study, Dr. Julia E. Brittain.

Brittain explains, “You have 25 trillion red blood cells and they affect every other cell in your body,” “They also carry and release the energy molecule ATP and nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels relax, as well as cholesterol.”

The American Heart Association recommends avoiding unhealthy foods and limiting fat intake to 20-35 percent of their daily calories. The research which claims that even one high-fat meal can open door for heart disease was published in the Journal Laboratory Investigation.

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