Amazon opens amazing first bookstore

Amazon opens amazing first bookstore in Washington, a real brick-and-mortar storefront on ritzy M street in Georgetown. It is attracting the kind of attention you would expect.


Amazon has opened 15 bookstores since 2015 in major cities nationwide. Seattle got the beta version, selling 6,000 select titles alongside Amazon’s tech offerings. Physical bookshelves can be browsed in Manhattan, Chicago, San Diego, and a dozen other cities. Bethesda, Maryland will receive its own location in the near future.

Amazon uses its algorithm to determine which books will sell best. Amazon groups books together “Most Wished-For Travel Books of the Past Decade” and “Nonfiction Top Sellers in Washington D.C.” If you live in one of the 64 percent of U.S. households that have an Amazon Prime account, you get the same discount in-store that you would get online.

There are no price tags to be seen anywhere, but through the Amazon app, your smartphone can ‘read’ the title like a barcode and tell you the price. Below each book is a black card displaying a selected Amazon customer review, and the number of stars the title has earned.

Each book placed well in shelf, cover fully visible, and comfortably spaced from its neighbor. Five or six staff members are ready to explain, how a cashless store works and to help you recover your Amazon prime password.

Bezos started an online bookstore. He changed the company name from Cadabra to Amazon because the Amazon River was the biggest river in the world. He planned to make his bookstore equally influencing.

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