Apple brings magazine subscription app

Apple brings magazine subscription app, as it said it was serious about tackling the issue. The app brings with popular titles to power up its News smartphone and tablet app.


Apple’s News app is on the front page of every iPhone and iPad. It promises to give users an organized view of the news. The view comes with bigger pictures and fonts.

At the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas this week, Apple senior vice-president Eddy Cue said his app is differentiated from what we see on Facebook and Twitter in that it’s screened by human curators and thus, more authentic.

Meanwhile the YouTube video network, fighting a backlash against conspiracy videos that anyone can post to its platform, went in a totally different direction to battle fakeness.

“We want the best articles, we want them to look amazing and we want them to be from trusted sources,” Cue said, per Deadline. “So we don’t have a lot of the issues going around.”

On Apple News, publishers big and small can sign up to have their work included in the app, for free. But publishers need to submit at least three articles to Apple before being approved.

The video network has been caught in a two-year battle against conspiracy and activist videos showing up as legitimate news videos. It has taken several steps to fix the issue, by de-monetizing them and removing their ads. And now a new strategy announced at South by Southwest.

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