Maine’s new Cultivator program aims food & beverage industry

Maine’s new Cultivator program aims food & beverage industry in order to recruit the companies self-possessed to grow wider.

Maine Center for Entrepreneurs has designed a major business program aimed at helping the startups industry sheltering food and beverage beat the rivalry challenges of scaling into the greater businesses along with supporting the companies located in Maine in tapping at the considerable demands placed for sustainably and authentic sourced products.


The program works with partners including CEI Inc. and also the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. An executive director for the entrepreneur center – Maine Center for Entrepreneurs located at Portland, Tom Rainey said in a statement that, “The food industry has been at the bedrock of the Maine economy forever. We are looking to create a juggernaut to give companies an edge in the global market.”

The existing large number of projects have been lined up dedicated to help Maine startups, while none of them have ever targeted scaling up the industries offering food and beverage products. However, the new program has been funded by the catalyst, FocusMaine – an economic development group focusing on accelerated and sustainable growth and business confidence.

“There are a number of programs to assist Maine startups, but none focused on helping food and beverage companies scale-up”, Rainey added “Aside from practical assistance, companies may get greater visibility and introduction to financing opportunities through the program. The expectation is that the first group of companies do take off and they become our next set of mentors.”

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