Salty Chinese Food Carrying Health Warning Labels Is Now Obligatory

Salty Chinese food carrying health warning labels is now being compulsorily followed in order to aware people consuming harmful and astonishing levels of salt found in the popular Chinese menus such as sour and sweet chicken and also egg fried rice, according to the recently released recommendations by the health experts from the United Kingdom.

New research has been just disclosed by Action on Salt, which is a group of experts concerned with salt and its effects of human health. the published report discovered surprising levels of deadly condiment used in Chinese ready meals and takeaways along with some Britain’s saltiest menus that consists of same amount of salt found in five Big Macs in McDonald’s.


Leading a group, Action on Salt includes health officials from the Public Health England, which is dedicated to set a new strict salt targets that mandate front-of-pack labeling and rules the restaurants to follow attaching the warning labels on high-salt dishes.

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Graham MacGregor from the Queen Mary University of London said in a statement that, ” Salt is the forgotten killer as it puts up our blood pressure, leading to tens of thousands of unnecessary strokes, heart failure and heart attacks every year. Reducing salt is the most cost effective measure to reduce the number of people dying or suffering from strokes or heart disease. We are now calling on PHE to take immediate action.”

Assistant nutritionist, Sarah Alderton from Action on Salt group said that, “Considering how many millions of takeaways and ready meals are eaten in the UK each week, the food industry must be held to account, with new salt targets set by the government to ensure the salt content of these meals is reduced to much lower levels, and fast. If the food industry don’t comply, they should be made mandatory.”

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