Consuming Additional Vitamin D Helps Prevent Liver Cancer Along With Chronic Disorders

Consuming additional Vitamin D helps prevent liver cancer in addition to its previously found benefits of reducing risk of chronic disorders, says the new study released by the BMJ medical journal.

The latest published findings, indicates that consuming Vitamin D in a higher amount can be associated to the reduced risk of getting diagnosed with a liver cancer. However, Vitamin D is an essential nutrient of human body, which gets produced during exposure of the body to the sunlight.


The international team of researchers evaluated whether vitamin D has an impact on the chances of developing any specific cancer. The team has conducted the research with the help of analysis attempted on the data obtained from the Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study (JPHC), which included 33,736 men and women participants with the age from 40 to 90 years.

In addition, Vitamin D is also an important factor that helps keep teeth, muscles and bones healthy, which is similar to calcium. It also helps prevent and cure severe cancers as well as chronic disorders. To conduct the study, the researchers followed people who were residents of Europe and North America.

Dr. Taiki Yamaji from the National Cancer Center in Tokyo said in a statement that, “This theory says Vitamin D may help protect against the risk of cancer. There might be ceiling effect with no additional benefits beyond a certain level of Vitamin D.”

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