Pursuit identifying nature of neutrino’s second self is gaining momentum

Pursuit identifying nature of neutrino’s second self is gaining momentum as galaxies, stars, planets and life are made up of only one thing and that is matter. However, the profusion of matter remains an unsolved puzzle as yet.

The Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago generated identical aggregate of matter and its twin anti matter. Matter and antimatter exterminate when they encounter so an even-Stephen universe would have turned out to be replete of energy, and nothing else. However, the balance favored matter in the early universe set up.

A captivating subatomic particle called a neutrino may disclose how that happened. If neutrinos are their own antiparticles that is neutrino’s matter and antimatter is similar then the thin particle may indicate towards an explanation for the Universe’s surplus of matter.

Therefore, scientists are compelling to search proof of a speculative kind of nuclear decay that can take place only if neutrinos and antineutrinos are similar. Several experiments have been conducted displaying no inkling of the process known as neutrinoless double beta decay. Another trial may be set to commence soon may have a disputable chance of recognizing this decay if it takes place. In the meantime scheduling is in process for the generation next experiments that will generate even more delicate assessment.

Janet Conrad, a neutrino physicist at MIT not involved with the experiments said presently they are standing on a live volcano of really big discovery.

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