Uber Stops Morocco Service for Bringing Business into Local Regulators

Uber stops Morocco service from 23rd of February, in efforts to bring the business in to the local regulators’ line for assisting ride hailing based on its app.

The company, Uber Technologies Inc. has already terminated its service in Finland and Norway for the local regulatory framework to be changed in the countries. The major move is an indication of less combative approach taken by the company towards the local authorities.


A blog post has been released by the company, which writes about the recently announced move that it is not yet cleared that how will their service be integrated in the form of transport model currently existing since it has launched in the transport industry three years ago.

Uber wrote in the blog post that, “The current Morocco regulatory uncertainty does not allow us to provide a safe and reliable experience that meets the requirements of our customers, both drivers and passengers. So, as long as there is no real reform and an environment conducive to new mobility solutions, we are forced to suspend our operations this week.”

However, the company Uber, who’s emollient CEO is Dara Khosrowshahi as well as the unaware playground, i.e. the associated cities for the VC-fueled company’s services, both have moved on and awakened of the disruptive playbook of the tech giant.

Uber also stated that, “Since we launched in Morocco over two years ago, there has been a lack of clarity about new platforms like Uber and how they fit into the existing transport model.”

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