Musk-Launched Tesla Space Car Will Stay For Millions of Years in Space

Musk-launched Tesla space car for millions of years in space before crashing down on the Venus or Earth, according to the conclusion obtained in the analysis performed by the researchers from Canada and Czech.

Researchers have calculated that the Tesla roadster has 2.5 per cent chances of colliding with Venus, while 6 per cent chances of hitting the planet Earth by next tens of millions of years. However, there is nothing to be concern if it hits to Earth eventually and the most vehicles will get burned. All the findings obtained from the research.

Musk-launched Tesla space car will stay for millions of years

Assistant professor, Dr Hanno Rein from the University of Toronto said in a statement that, “We did not know what to expect because the other near-Earth objects we see in space are asteroids and typically come from further out in the Solar System. In this case, it’s the reverse. We know the object comes from Earth, so the question is where it will go from here.”

Atop the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, the most powerful spacecraft available on the date, launched by Elon Musk last week on February 6, the cherry red Tesla Roadster has been boosted in to the sun’s elliptical orbit.

Dr. Rein added that, “There were two possibilities, either it would stay with the terrestrial planets of the inner Solar System, or it would go further out where all these other asteroids and other Kuiper Belt objects are. This thing will be in space for several million years before it hits anything.”

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