Five Surprising Android Features That Many People Perhaps Unknown Of

Five surprising android features are still probably taken granted by most of the people. Generally the Android users easily get obsessed for the upcoming updates in their Android phones and new Google additions for what they put demands. But there are number of amazing facilities being provided in Android since it first debuted about a decade ago on illustrious T-Mobile G1.


Looking back to appreciate what Android has offered following are five surprising features that people are probably unknown of.

  1. Doze Mode

Android 6.0 Marshmallow was introduced with Doze Mode by Google, which used to prevent apps from wakening users’ device despite the conditions when certain issues met. Moreover, Google updated Doze Mode in Android 7.0 Nougat to support the feature even while being in the pocket.

  1. Screen Preview While Multitasking

A preview screen is now included in multitasking of number of last states of apps before leaving back. Basically, previewing the apps’ screens supports to find out what the user is searching for speedier that just appears cool.

  1. Chrome Custom Tabs

The features Chrome Custom Tabs permits developers to provide an internal webpage within the app using Chrome engine. This gives access to users to get Chrome’s basic features including bookmarking and passwords saving.

  1. Changing Animation Scale

To overcome with slower processors, the solutions have been provided named ‘Window animation scale’, ‘Animator duration scale’ and ‘Transition animation scale’ from 1 x to 0.5 x. These features don’t actually fasten the phone but just make users feel faster.

  1. Locate Irritating Notifications

In order to get rid of annoying apps notifications that can’t be surely identified, a simple solution has been offered with just long pressing on the questioned notification. The phone will let users know the same.

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