Standing For Six Hours Each Day Will Help You Lose Weight

Standing for six hours each day will help you lose weight, a new study suggests. A new research found that standing for six hours each day at a ‘standing desk’ at the office could help you lose weight.


Research explains that standing burns more calories compared to sitting. The position also increases daily energy expenditure, according to a meta-analysis.

During the research findings, researchers analyzed 46 studies along with 1,200 participants, of which 60 percent were men with an average age of 33 and an average weight of 143 pounds.

The results showed that if a person with the weight of 143 pounds decides to stand for six hours each day instead of sitting then they would lose an average of 5.5 pounds a year and 22 pounds in four years.

Researchers found that your body burns .015 more calories every minute when standing rather than sitting. So if that person stood for six hours he/she would burn an additional 54 calories a day.

They also state that men burn more calories when they stand than women because they have higher muscle mass.

But there is another study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology which details opposite fact. The study says a person who mostly stands at work have twice heart disease risk than a person who remains seated for a long period of a time.

“We expect that people using sit/stand desks do sit when they feel tired, unlike those in occupations that require prolonged standing, such as grocery store clerks or line cooks,” said Peter Smith, an author of the study.

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