A stupendous discovery: Mars has seething sheets of ice below its surface

The slope is very high comparable to the London’s Big Ben tower. Under its reddish layer of dirt lie 300 ft. thick sheets of ice. This provides a blue black hue to the landscape. Planetary scientists discovered eight of these geological features, called scarps, on the Red Planet. A probe of the scarps disclosed that the thick ice is concealed just beneath the surface. The researchers contemplate this ice to be enticing aim for subsequent exploration and a precious asset for earthlings residing in Mars.

Colin Dundas, a member of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Astrogeology Science Center in Arizona said that there is a whole new world of ice to scrutinize which will be of immense help for those interested in ice on Mars and its history. However, there has already been a probe on Mars in 2001, the Mars Odyssey spacecraft emerging on the planet and commenced prying for chemical signatures of ice. The spacecraft’s gamma-ray spectrometer discovered telltale hydrogen, which demonstrated Mars contained huge amounts of ice. A third of the Martian surface consists of shallow ice. But, distant sensing components such as hydrogen, could not disclose the depth and the makeup of the ice.

The recent Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter map depicted exterior in substantial subtlety. Dundas and his colleagues utilized its images to pinpoint open ice in small craters, glaciers and ice sheets. He said that the high-resolution data has vastly improvised our contemplation of various ice-related land forms.


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