General Motors Announced to Launch its New Robotic Car without Steering Wheel and Pedal, Next Year

General Motors Co. has just announced its new self-driving car unveiling in 2019, which will be controlled by a smart robotic brain without steering wheel and gas pedal. The company has presented its federal safety proposal on Thursday to run the exclusive robotic vehicle on public roadways by next year.


The appeal has been filed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seeking permission for deploying the new autonomous car fleet designed with Chevrolet Bolt EV platform. The petition also requests for the permission to have 16 security requirements in a unique way, says Paul Hemmersbaugh, a Public Policy Director and Chief Counsel at General Motors.

However, the Detroit automaker has been gearing up to see its last date of deploying an autonomous ride-hailing fleet next year.

If the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives permission to the petition filed by General Motors, the company could manufacture as more as 2500 driver-less vehicles of this type every year. Since the automaker has not yet made any commitment about a solid production plan.

Kyle Vogt, the chief executive officer at Cruise Automation, a software developing unit for GM’s driver-less cars, based in San Francisco, said in a statement that, “What’s really special about this is if you look back 20 years from now, it’s the first car without a steering wheel and pedals. When GM acquired Cruise, we began by installing our technology into existing cars as a retrofit strategy, and we knew that wouldn’t scale.”

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