Researcher shows High Conversion Rate from ‘First Time Smoker’ to ‘Daily Smoker’


More than two-thirds of people who try their first cigarette become at least temporarily, regular smokers, a new research by the Queen Mary University of London suggests.

Researchers found that at least 61 percent of people said they had tried a cigarette at some point in their lives and gone on to smoke cigarettes daily.

The research published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research was conducted by over 215,000 survey respondents encourages reducing cigarette experimentation among adolescents. The research was conducted from eight surveys including three each from the UK and USA, and a further two studies from Australia and New Zealand since the year 2000.

Lead researcher Professor Peter Hajek from Queen Mary said that this is the first time when the study found that cigarettes can establish even after a single experience.

Professor Peter Hajek also explains that we can see the importance of preventing cigarette experimentation in the first place as the research findings showed surprisingly high conversion rate from ‘first-time smoker’ to ‘daily smoker.’

“The UK is seeing a dramatic reduction in smoking at the moment and these tallies with recent findings that only 19 percent of 11-15-year-olds have ever tried a cigarette, so the good news is that we are on the right track,” said Peter Hajek.

The researchers said that due to reduced experimentation with cigarettes among adolescents some of the reduction in smoking prevalence analyzed over the past 20 years.

Professor Peter Hajek added suggests that it is noticeable that very few non-smokers who try e-cigarettes become regular smokers, while such a large proportion of non-smokers who try conventional cigarettes become daily smokers.

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