The Foremost Astrophysicist Striving to Save the International Space Station

Dr. Michael Foale is the most experienced and prominent NASA astrophysicist, who has spent over a year in the space. He has flown in the Russian Soyuz and Space Shuttle, commanded the world’s most expensive structure, the International Space Station and lived on the Mir space station.



Foale has controlled four space walks, counting nearly 23 hours outside in the American as well as Russian spacesuits. It also involved an epic spacewalk of eight hours for upgrading the computer on Hubble Space Telescope.

The International Space Station has given satisfactory evidences saying that human can work and survive in the space for extended periods. The station has proved that the nation struggling to cooperate each other on the earth including the US and Russia, can associate in the space.

Unfortunately, the life of the station is numbered, while funding by the different space agencies associated is just agreed until 2024. this means that in just close period of six years, the world’s most expensive structure ever constructed swill be shoved out of the orbit to disintegrate by the Progress spacecraft over the Pacific.

Foale said in a statement that, “I didn’t feel our lives were threatened for much longer than 10 seconds or so during the collision. I always felt there was an opportunity to save ourselves and that knowledge meant that I didn’t need to panic, didn’t need to be afraid. It became one of my best missions. I had so many opportunities to invent solutions to problems that ordinarily NASA managers didn’t expect you to solve.”


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