The Children’s Museum of Brownsville Planning for Expanding Facilities with More Storage Space and Programs

Officials at the Children’s Museum of Brownsville are planning for expanding the facilities in order to accommodate an increased number of visitors they receive on yearly basis with offering them more storage space and programs.

Felipe Peña, director at the Children’s Museum said that the Museum has had received over 63,000 visitors during the past years, which is the highest rate of attendance in years. Peña said in a statement that, “Normally a museum that’s having as many visitors as we have should be between 15,000 to 25,000 square feet, and we only have 7,500 square feet on the inside.”

Brownsville Children’s Museum has been set at 10,500 square feet including the exhibit located outside the Museum. James Walker, an executive assistant of the Children’s Museum, managed a survey during summer asking parents if they would benefit with the availability of more space in the Museum. Nearly 92 per cent people said yes for space expansion.

The construction is supposed to be located under the high domed ceiling of the old court room, which gives the hall a feel of otherworldly time-travel of past and present.

Jo-Anne Sbrega, an Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Brownsville said that, “I hope excitement will build. The minute I saw this room, I said it’s the Outer Space room. In the meantime, we’ll start on the center controls and levers. That’s my goal. This has been our dream.”

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