CES 2018 Will Offer New Tech Gadgets

Each year, the annual Consumer Electronics Show showcases more than 3,900 exhibiting companies which include manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of technology delivery systems, consumer technology hardware, and content.

As the companies like Amazon and Google enables their digital assistants’ support on a broader array of products, manufacturers are expected to introduce more voice-controlled devices like speakers, and other. If the expectations are fulfilled then you’ll soon be able to order things like kitchen appliances, washing machines, and other devices. There are also other categories available from 3D printing, computer accessories, home speakers, robots, and cameras. The devices should be released between April 2017 and April 2018, according to the rules.


The very first highlight of the event is Buddy, a personal robot. As he can do many of the same things, like reading the weather or providing you great recipes, he thinks of him as Alexa with big eyes.

The second device is the security camera robot named the AR4X camera, which has the ability to recognize faces and turns security from passive to proactive.

The InstruMMents company will unveil a new smart lamp called Olie that responds to commands through the Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

Nura is a latest $400 headphone that can adapt sound by turning your ears into speakers, and Nuviz, a $700 display unit for motorcycle helmets which offers navigation, built-in action camera, and music, to add a little more distraction while you drive.

There are many other companies which will introduce innovative gadgets at the event. CES is developing the space for self-driving technologies by more than a third this year.





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