Follow Healthy New Year’s Resolution

Weight loss is a common New Year’s resolution that we make and break easily each year. According to a research, most resolutions go down the drain within the first month or two after Jan 1. Staying constant on the decision track is tough, but it’s not impossible.

But there are many other healthy changes you should consider before you jump into something that might hurt you.

Dr. Hujefa Vora, an internal medicine doctor at Medical city Arlington suggests that New Year is a great time to start all physicals and routine screenings. They say people should take the advice of their doctors, and need to focus on making sure they getting an annual exam and getting their annual health screenings done. You should start your year by consulting the doctors for bloodwork to learn your cholesterol numbers and blood glucose level, which could show your health-related risks.

Doctors said that dehydration can damage the kidneys and leave us feeling sluggish so the important option is to drink more water and less caffeine. If your age is above 40 years then regular heart and lungs checkup is necessary.

“It’s important to think of things like getting an EKG done, getting a stress-test done, getting pulmonary function testing done to make sure your heart and your lungs can handle any rigorous exercise program that you might put yourself on,” Vora said.

He says a New Year’s resolution to get the right screening will also help doctors gear their nutrition and exercise recommendations for you.




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