LG has Unveiled New Portable Speakers part of their PK series

LG Electronics (LG) has uncovered a new ThinQ Speaker, a Google Assistant-powered device with a new SK10Y soundbar for 2018 speaker lineup. The company has also announced new portable speakers part of their PK series.

The new speaker is built on Meridian Audio’s advanced high-performance audio technology that will deliver you more natural and warm sound.  It supports lossless high-resolution audio like LG’s more advanced phones.

It seems that many of LG’s newer appliances will be Assistant-savvy.

A new portable speaker from LG has the Apt-X HD Bluetooth technology that will enable the speaker to pair with devices.

Another PK-series Bluetooth speakers use Meridian technology produces powerful and appropriate bass and party speakers that throw out nearly 1,800W of power while supporting features like DJ and karaoke modes.

According to LG, speaker contains lights named mood lights and you can adjust and change them according to your mood. Following the beat, it will also flash and they are designed to be strong and easy to carry.

Though LG has not revealed any pricing or availability details about the ThinQ Speaker and other devices, but it is expected to reveal the speakers at CES 2018.

We are not sure whether LG is aimed at relatively low-cost speakers like the Sonos One or costlier devices like Apple’s upcoming HomePod.  However, the company is surely trying to keep a distance from competing with the Google Home, Amazon Echo and other models where audio support isn’t the actual top priority.



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