FCC Approved the First Wireless “From a Distance” Charging Device

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday approved the first wireless charger that doesn’t require physical contact with the device to charge its battery, making wireless charging even easier.

Energous, the California-based startup that developed the WattUp Mid Field transmitter reported that it has received the first such FCC certification for the “power-at-a-distance” wireless charging system.

The technology uses its WattUp Mid Field transmitter, which delivers power through radio frequency (RF) energy to WattUp-enabled devices at a distance of up to three feet, according to the company. WattUp has the ability to charge multiple devices at one time and it can work on numerous devices such as smartphones, tablets, keyboards, and earphones.

In the modern setup, physical contact is necessary for between wireless chargers and particular devices. But with this new mechanism, Energous’ WattUp has eliminated the need for the device to be in physical contact with the charger. Currently, the company is working on a device that will support 15-foot long-range but FCC has not approved the device yet.

The most interesting thing is, you will just require the WattUp transmitter that means the charging system will still work even if you’re using a Samsung cellphone with the support of transmitter made by Sony.

Martin Cooper, an Energous Board of Directors member, said, “This ground-breaking technology allows users to automatically charge their WattUp-enabled devices without having to remove them from their wrist or pocket, plug them in or place them on a mat to charge, freeing them from ever having to think about charging their devices again.”

Other companies are also working on the similar products such as Pi, the California-based startup claims it has already developed a contactless charging device.



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