The Baby Born within Nearly four Months Earlier than the Due Date, Making it one of the Andhra’s Youngest Premature Baby

Premature births come with their own set of problems that babies may face later in their life. Their overall health sometimes takes some health risks that become more important as they age.

In a medical breakthrough, a 24-week baby survived childbirth, and health officials have reported it one of the youngest premature babies in Andhra Pradesh.

The baby boy was conceived through In vitro fertilization (IVF) and weighed only 650g at birth, compared to the average/normal weight of 2.5kg to 3kg, according to doctors at the MyCure Hospital in Visakhapatnam.

Baby’s survival chances were minimal but through hospital’s round-the-clock medical care and state-of-the-art infrastructure, doctors made it possible.

Unfortunately, the baby was born nearly four months earlier than the adequate date that is on September 8, 2017. Due to this, the mother could not continue with her pregnancy at that stage.

The baby’s lungs and other organs were functionally immature and his development was stunted so has was shifted from the Vizag IVF Centre to the MyCure Hospital. He was prone to severe infections and had extremely low immunity.

He was on a ventilator for 18 days, according to doctors. Then, after two-and-a-half months at the hospital, doctors discharged that healthy baby from the hospital.

Baby’s mother Nagalakshmi said, “I believe it is the doctor’s continuous reassurance, his positivity and clinical treatment that held their hope through the tough two months. We are now planning the naming ceremony.”

India’s In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinic market is worth more than $400 million, according to some estimation.

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