Now You Can Pre-register for HQ Trivia as the Game is Coming to Android Very Soon

Android users will soon get a chance to take part in HQ’s live trivia contests. The app created by Vine co-founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll has become so popular since it launched on iOS.

HQ Trivia announced on Monday that it was bringing its live trivia app to Android.  Though the launch date doesn’t seem to have been set just yet, Android users can now pre-register to download the app from the Google Play store.

A few months ago the company launched the app for iOS showing everyone can take a part in the game. People get a chance to win cash prizes by simply answering 12 questions correctly. The game opens up daily at 9 PM EST, and a 2nd time on weekdays at 3 PM. Currently, the minimum cash prize has been set to at $2,000, and in the past, they have exceeded $10,000 so the amount of cash prizes varies.

You will definitely get the reason behind the app’s increasing popularity after understanding the ease of entry and the size of prizes involved. Up until now, it was limited to iOS users only but it will soon be available for Android users.

The company has not provided further details about when the app will be actually available, but pre-registered users will get a notification after its launch.

HQ Trivia was producing several problems with laggy performance on the video stream. Now it is expected that the company is prepared for the rapid influx of traffic that an Android launch will certainly bring.



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