Walmart has explored the Idea of Stores without Staff Where Customers Can Easily Purchase Items

Walmart is taking the next step to counter Amazon at every turn by exploring the idea of stores where you can easily go and grab what you want. Walmart’s Code Eight has started testing a personal shopping service that will not need the usual retail staff, according to multiple sources.

Various sources claiming to have knowledge of the matter say the service includes computer vision technology that will monitor every item that you will place in your bag. The system will automatically calculate the total amount and take it from your bank account.

A new Code Eight subsidiary has introduced this first personal shopping service for the high net worth urban consumer. It is expected that the service will offer a speedier and more convenient shopping experience which won’t feel like regular shopping.

The new personal shopping service uses text messages to get directions and place orders, so you can send a photo of the item that you want to purchase.  You will get household items in 24 hours and other things within 2 business days after sending texts.

The other initiative which is a personal shopping service which sources reported targeting “busy NYC moms.”  The service would send product recommendations to shoppers via texts and shoppers can then quickly purchase by replying.

“We set our sights on taking the lead in conversational commerce by leveraging machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and personalization algorithms,” a Code Eight stated.

The company is not commenting on the further details so we have to wait and see whether the store and text-based shopping service develop into a real offering.

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