Major Companies are Excluding Older Workers from Job Ads through Facebook

A lawsuit filed by a communications industry labor union on Wednesday unveiled that Several U.S. employers engaged in age discrimination putting recruitment ads on Facebook and targeting younger workers.

That federal lawsuit in San Francisco claims that companies including Inc, T-Mobile US Inc, and Cox Communications Inc forced age limits on who could view recruitment ads, limiting some only to people younger than 38.

The complaint of the union says, these companies used Facebook ad-targeting technology and refuses job opportunities to individuals who are searching for and interested in jobs. It routinely reduces the number of older employees and excludes them from receiving their job ads on Facebook and even depresses the number of older workers who are hired.

The complaint included some examples of the ads from which one claims that “Facebook sued the targeting technology to make job ads invisible from older Facebook users.”

While Facebook defended the practice and its vice president Rob Goldman said, “Used responsibly, age-based targeting for employment purposes is an accepted industry practice and for good reason: it helps employers recruit and people of all ages find work.”

The social network said that it would no longer enable its advertisers to eliminate specific racial groups from reaching particular ads on the site.

a lead attorney on the case,  Peter Romer stated that social media serves a big role in job recruitment for companies, so this kind of targeting harms older job-seekers. Lawyers will plan to add defendants and will peruse class-action status for the case, Romer added.

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