Now you can Easily Post tweetstorms with Twitter’s New Thread’s Feature

Twitter on Tuesday officially released a new feature, Threads that will allow users to more easily post tweetstorms- that is long threads of multiple tweets. The tweetstorms have been a part of Twitter’s DNA which allows users to share extended stories.

The company reported last month that it was testing the feature and now with this Threads feature you can share and read extended tweets more easily.

Twitter has stated that there are some people who want to serialize a longer story or thoughts or to provide ongoing commentary on a topic or an event so it is offering this update to threads.

When you post a thread, the first tweet will be displayed in the timeline as normal, along with up to two more tweets from the thread. To see the overall tweet, your followers will need to tap “show this thread.”

The need for tweetstorms feature has been apparent for years as users are users continually bumped up against Twitter’s 140 character count limit. Recently Twitter updated its character limit to 240.

According to Twitter, there are now hundreds of thousands of threads tweeted out daily.

With the tweetstorms, people can tell personal, suspenseful or funny stories through Twitter; they can speak about politics or other issues, and also connect to facts surrounding breaking news.  You can also post or add the same amount of media such as videos, GIFs, images, and more with your individual tweet in the thread.

Twitter said that currently there is a limit of 25 entries in a thread, but that limitation could increase depending on how the feature is adopted by the wider user base.


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