Here’s All about Google’s New Three Amazing and Creative Apps

Google just recently released three new experimental photography apps:  Storyboard for only Android, Selfissimo for both iOS and Android, and Scrubbies for iOS only.

The launches are part of Google’s new initial batch of “appsperiments” program that it just released. Google’s Motion Stills app which was launched last year inspired the company to launch this new appsperiments program.  The goal of Google’s Motion Stills app was to take technology in development from Google and turn it into actual apps. The new three apps are fully functional software but established on experimental technology and Google will continue to build it over time.

The highlight of this trio is the first app, Storyboard that uses object recognition and style algorithms to take video clips and pull out them into a comic book-style template. You will get filters with new layouts and frames and there are Google reported over 1.6 trillion combinations.

Next is Selfissimo!, which automatically snaps black and white photos.  Once you tap the screen to start a shoot, Selfissimo will take a ton of selfies every time you pose. You can get photos of your own different poses with the help of this app.

Last but not least there’s Scrubbies, which lets users remix videos, DJ-style by scrubbing through a video clip and create video loops using their fingers.  The feature is similar to Instagram’s Boomerang feature, except that you can control the video’s portion that you would like looped.


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