Smoking Leaves Harmful chemicals in your Body

Smoking is a bad sign of health-related risks and we have to accept that it is a part of all lives.  Social smokers don’t follow the health warnings about smoking as they don’t think of themselves as smokers.

But the fact is every cigarette leaves harmful chemicals in your body.

A new study has revealed that social smokers are risking their health just as much as the person who smokes a pack or more daily.

US scientists concluded after following almost 40,000 participants that both habitual and ‘social smokers’ suffer almost the same health problems.

The researchers have stated you should not start smoking or even not to top it completely to eliminate cardiovascular disease’s risks. It’s necessary for Health providers and policymakers to make this issue a priority.

Simon Chapman, Emeritus Professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney said that smoking a small number of cigarettes like less than three a day or once a week will raise your health relates problems.

There are also flavored smokes available like a piece of fruit like a mango or pineapple. Professor Chapman says people follow the myths that the flavored smoke is cool and harmless. But smoking with a shisha for an hour is equivalent to 50 or 100 cigarettes, he said.

Professor Chapman said, “The good news is that as soon as we stop smoking, your body starts recovering.”

If you’re a social smoker and wanting to quit it, you can get help from our friends who will discourage you from smoking in social situations.




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