Android go is Being Made Available for Low-End Devices Today

At Google I/O in May of this year, Google announced Android Go as a version of Android custom designed for low-end devices. Today, the company released Android Go which is available for device manufacturers and developers. It’s a special configuration of Android 8.1 Oreo.

There is a no major difference in between the Go version and the primary version of Android. In fact, the software types are identical.

Google is also introducing “GO” versions of a handful of Google apps including, Google Go, Gmail Go, Google Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, Files Go, YouTube Go, Chrome Play, and Gboard.

The Go versions are thoroughly smaller than their running forms and this property and slimmer OS will reduce the amount of storage that’s taken up by default on a brand new phone.

Android Go which is a build of Android Oreo has been designed to run smoothly on mobile phones with either 512MB or 1GB of RAM. The version is developed with respect to the comparison of the Pixel 2 which has 4GB of RAM, while the Galaxy Note 8 has a whopping 6GB and the iPhone X has 3GB.

Now, Device manufacturers and developers can start the process of getting the OS up and running on low-end devices.

However, the version is currently not available to users but probably that will happen in relatively short time. Starting tomorrow Go version will be available globally.

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