Scientists Hopes the New migraine prevention Treatment will Mark the Start of Real Change

New long-stage drugs are showing great hopes for millions of migraines sufferers. Studies of two of these medicines found they can cut the frequency of the notoriously painful and disabling headaches.

The migraine prevention drugs are the first developed specifically for migraines. The effective treatment of migraine prevention drugs could hit the market early as next year.

Until now, migraine-specific prevention drugs have not been developed and other treatment options are limited. So the development of the new prevention drugs is the most welcome news for the millions of people who are suffering from a migraine around the world.

Research has already shown that CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide) plays a major role in the conditions of a migraine’s pain so scientists started working to develop treatments that can block the key CGRP receptors in the brain.  They developed these new drugs called monoclonal antibodies – lab-made proteins that target CGRP.

The symptoms of the condition include vomiting, fatigue, nausea, and light and noise sensitivity.

A migraine attack remains for a few hours to several days, and over 90 percent of migraine sufferers have an episodic migraine, that means fewer than 15 days per month.

Dr. Andrew Hershey, neurology chief at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center said, “It’s a whole new direction” for treatment and an important advance for people who don’t want to take or aren’t helped by the daily pills sometimes used now to prevent recurrences.”

Simon from the UK-based charity Migraine Action said that the new treatment will mark the start of the new change in how this condition can be treated and perceived.


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